At the instruction and guidance of Ingwenyama, and in keeping with its mandate, every year Tibiyo Taka Ngwane grants scholarships and bursaries to emaSwati to pursue high school and tertiary education. Our education support programme, which complements the Government's education grant, offers bursaries and scholarships to the children of emaSwati to realise their full potential and unlock opportunities. Beneficiaries of our programme are now proud professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in the different sectors of the economy. Many of our beneficiaries testify that the Tibiyo Taka Ngwane support had enabled them to acquire an education, and helped them to launch a career or a business.

The education support does not only give emaSwati children an opportunity to get quality education. It also relieves hundreds of families from bearing the burden of the cost of education. Through a Tibiyo education support, increasingly, children of Eswatini acquire a number of skills in many areas of the economy and continue to secure employment or start businesses.