Tibiyo Taka Ngwane Bursaries Changing Lives
Thursday, 6 July, 2017

As its contribution to the MTN 21 Days of Yellow Care Corporate Social Investment programme, Tibiyo Taka Ngwane donated ten bursaries to pupils of Kalamdladla High School. The will bursaries cover school fees and examination (where applicable) fees for pupils in forms one to five. Other schools that received the donation are Emagobodvo and Nyatsini High schools.

Handing over ten of the bursaries at Kalamdladla High School, member of Tibiyo Taka Ngwane’s Main Committee Mrs Nokukhanya Gamedze, who represented the Managing Director Dr AT Dlamini, said the bursaries were the organisation’s commitment to education and sustainable development. Against the background of deep levels of poverty, which means that, with their meagre resources, families must prioritise other expenses over education, many children require urgent support, failing which they must stay at home.

The bursary programme is the organisation’s commitment to the development of skills and economic empowerment of Swazi children, ensuring that Swazi children are not excluded from acquiring quality education because of their social and economic background. Through the bursary programme, Swazi children, particularly those from poor backgrounds, can see beyond their social and economic hardships. It allows them, not only to dream their way out of poverty and vulnerability, but to also work towards their chosen career paths. “This bursary means I can now pay full attention to my studies, unlike in the past when I always had to worry about where school money would come from. My family currently struggles to pay my fees,” remarked one of the beneficiaries of from the school, adding that “it has renewed my dream of becoming a medical doctor.

This education support changes the lives of Swazi children and their families, by relieving struggling parents of the burden of the cost of secondary and tertiary education, said Dr Dlamini. “It also gives these children the key to unleash their full potential and to unlock opportunities in life.” He also had some words of advice for the children. “The best thing you can do for yourself is staying at school and work hard. This will give you a key with which you will open any door in life,” he added. School principal Mr Sabelo Dlamini advised the children to take good care of this kind gesture, by working hard and concentrating on their studies. “Now that you’ve received this support, we expect you to pay it back by working hard and getting good grades so that you are able complete your studies and come back to this community to also invest in other children and to uplift your own families. We don’t expect early pregnancies and drug abuse from you,” he cautioned.

Mr Dlamini said the area was struggling economically, and as a result many families could not afford to take their children to school. “What makes the situation worse is the fact that a lot of children in this area do not have one or both parents. Others live with unemployed grandparents. So this support from Tibiyo Taka Ngwane will change the lives of the children and their families.

Every year, Tibiyo Taka Ngwane offers bursaries to over 1000 Swazi children to pursue secondary education.  About 250 beneficiaries of the Tibiyo Taka Ngwane bursary programme complete their high school education each year. Through this programme, children, some of whom are from impoverished backgrounds or are orphaned, receive a grant that covers a bigger portion of their school fees and a full examination fee.  The education support programme also funds tertiary education for 150 Swazi children studying in local and South African institutions.