Main Committee Pledges Unwavering Support to Staff
Friday, 7 July, 2017

Led by its chairman, Prince Fipha, Tibiyo Taka Ngwane Main Committee took time to visit two of the organisation’s projects in Manzini and Lavumisa. The purpose of the day tour was to familiarize the committee with two new projects, a residential block of 26 flats situated in Manzini.

Managing Director Dr Absalom Themba Dlamini explained that the organisation had identified a demand for housing in Swaziland’s busiest city as it continued to grow. He said the concept emphasised critical elements of modern-day housing needs. “This complex has one of the best security arrangements. Besides the barrier wall, we have installed an intercom system, which is one of the major demands of modern day housing,” said Dr Dlamini, adding that there were plans to build two other blocks in two adjacent properties to meet demand and take advantage of the growing property business in the city.

Mr Mandla Zwane, Tibiyo Properties Manager, said all units in the three-storey block had been taken up even before the property was completed, an indication that this project had struck the right code. “There’s a growing waiting list of tenants hoping to be accommodated. This highlights the demand for this kind of housing, and we are excited that the organisation is looking at expanding its property portfolio,” said Zwane.

Leaving the hustles and bustles of the hub, the committee drove straight into the ruthless heat of a dry Lavumisa, south of the Kingdom, where it visited one of the agricultural projects. The Dalcrue team oriented the committee on the operations of the farm and others under its agriculture portfolio, including challenges, plans and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges presented by the team was shortage of water in the area, which they said, frustrated the potential of the productivity of the farms. The recent El Nino drought made the situation worse, they noted. The team also highlighted some of its plans to increase productivity and to explore other agri-business opportunities.

Dalcrue Managing Director Mr Simanga Simelane singled out water as the main challenge in the company’s plans. The team also told the committee about its mitigating strategies and plans for the future. “We need to open up discussions with all stakeholders to find out available options that will make sure we have sufficient water to maximise on the potential of these projects,” said Simelane. “There is a dam not far from here with a lot of freeboard, all we need is to make sure we engage all the available options to access that water” said Sibusiso Mahlalela, Manager Operations at Dalcrue.

Chairman Prince Fipha assured the teams from both projects that the committee appreciated the work they were doing and was fully behind their efforts. “Thank you for sharing your challenges and ideas with us. We have noted all of them and I can assure you that this committee is behind you. They have heard you and now have a full understanding of what you want to do for this organisation to reach its full potential and fulfil its mandate,” said Prince Fipha in his remarks. He also encouraged the teams to work with diligence and integrity, reminding them that His Majesty the King, their families and the Swazi Nation had entrusted them with a huge responsibility and had high expectations from them.

“You cannot go any far without integrity. That is a critical ingredient of the assignment given to you. Thank you for remaining loyal to your work, the King and the mandate of Tibiyo Taka Ngwane,” he concluded. All members of the committee, management and some staff members of the organisation took part in the tour and spent time interacting with staff, service providers and a few members of the communities they visited.